Split Tracks


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This segment of track reflects something I've been observing on my Sportrak somewhat more often than on my other receivers, although they all do it more often than I would like. That is, while hiking out and back hikes in terrain on trails, the tracks don't line up, indicating variation in repeatability, and of course accuracy. (On a trail your route obviously doesn't vary by more than a foot or two.) The blue track was recorded with my Legend, and from what I can determine by the photo most accurately represents the actual route I took. (If you look closely without the tracks in the way, you can just make out the trail, plus I know I was hugging the north end of the vegetation in this canyon). The other two tracks are from the Sportrak on the up and back legs, with the green and pink dashed trail being the one recorded at the same time as the track recorded by the Legend. Whether this is a result of multipath problems due to my being in a canyon I'm not sure. Another theory might have to do with the fact I lost WAAS coverage at about the same time I turned due east. As I gain more experience with the Sportrak, hopefully I'll figure it out. Given the great accuracy of the unit while stationary however, my expectation was for greater repeatability on out and back trails.